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GameCrypto: is a Play-to-Own community website, that has created a unique and entertaining way for anyone regardless of their cryptocurrency knowledge to start owning in game currencies and collect Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs).
Our mission is to recognize and reward effort skill and loyalty. We aim to introduce value blockchain and Web3 innovation to mainstream gamers.
Casual App games on your phone: We have created several apps where players can now start to earn XP points and exchange those XP on GameCrypto for our native Crypto currency $DRAMZ, or alternatively players can choose to receive in game NFTs for our upcoming RPG Game BubbleTopia. RPG BubbleTopia: Is an upcoming open world RPG adventure game built as a mobile first application. Implementing our native token $DRAMZ, as in game incentives and game NFTs, with a second Token as a governance Token for our community and players.
We encourage investors, gamers and the community to D.Y.O.R by visiting our links below and learn how we plan to build our GameCrypto community and RPG BubbleTopia into a RPG Metaverse Blockbuster concept in the Gamefi industry.
RPG BubbleTopia
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Start earning XP points by playing casual apps & exchange for NFTs & $DRAMZ Tokens