GameCrypto $DRAMZ

About Us

GameCrypto is a play-and-own gaming platform that rewards players for skill, effort and loyalty.
GameCrypto’s RPG BubbleTopia and our casual mini app games are the new frontiers of casual mobile gaming in the metaverse, powered by GameCrypto's Token $DRAMZ the utility token that enables access, action, and ownership of the game.
In addition to our mini games, GameCrypto has created a concept call MAAS (Metaverse as a Service) where we have created a concept where players can create and mint their own NFT and add their NFT directly into our RPG games.
For a small monthly fee creators can then sell, or offer their skills and services to gamers directly in the game and get to keep 100% of any revenue generated by the creator.
GameCrypto was founded in 2021 in Japan and has now partnered with payment companies accepting various payment systems related to NFTs and and business partners in Singapore though our corporate arm
GameCrypto has over 30,000 mini game app downloads, 3000 registered members, all while in stealth mode. As we build, test and create the best experience for when we launch our mass promotion and marketing campaign later in the year.
Our mission is to put game play experience first for players while at the same time recognizing the importance to reward players skill, effort and loyalty to mainstream gamers.
Since 2022 we’ve been using NFTs and Tokens on the blockchain to power our broader ecosystem, including NFT avatars, and creating our own in game currency using blockchain technology. We believe that blockchain as a supporting technology can give power back to player communities and let them own a real stake in the game worlds that they help build.
We want to use these mechanisms to transfer as much control over the game ecosystem to the community as possible. The last few years have seen a lot of exciting predictions about the eventual promise of bringing distributed blockchain to gaming and at GameCrypto we are focused on delivering it.

Why Blockchain?

A blockchain is essentially a database maintained by multiple independent actors rather than one single actor. The major difference between a traditional database and a blockchain-powered database is decentralization: the owner of a traditional database has responsibility for maintaining that database, and thus the power to change the accounting within.
When the responsibility for maintaining a database is shared, no entity holds that power. The idea of decentralization holds special resonance when it comes to gaming.
Gaming has long been a space where a sense of ownership is shared between the developers and players, whether that is as simple as a fanbase that becomes invested in a game’s plot and characters or as thoroughly enmeshed as a platform driven entirely by user-created games.
Independent databases maintained by both players and developers offer a new way. They allow players to maintain control of the assets that they earn in game and to do with them what they wish.

DAO - About Governance & Ownership

GameCrypto's tokens and upcoming DAO will underpin the RPG BubbleVerse ecosystem. WOL will be our governance token, offering an unprecedented level of participation and control for GameCrypto holders inside the BubbleVerse Ecosystem.
In the crypto world, governance tokens (for ex: WOL) can create what are called “DAOs'' or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. What this means is that there are binding agreements built into the technology that allow a group of people to run an organization without having to rely on central management.
While Water of Life token is not a DAO in a strict sense, at the moment we are borrowing some of those principles to ensure that our community has true democratic power when it comes to the overall direction of the platform.
This gives GameCrypto holders an unprecedented level of control over the character design and assets in our RPG Games and ecosystem. We envisage in the future as our RPG games become more well established, we plan to enable full control to our community where DAO holders can decide to push the RPG towards Single player, multi player or towards more casual competition depending on how the community develops.