GameCrypto $DRAMZ


10 RPG Game BubbleVerse.

2H 2021

Develop and Release SIX mini games on Google Play Store

Total downloads 30,000 (3 months)
Monthly Acquisition users 2500 (3 months)
Create community website 3000 Members
Build Social Media Channels
Create BubbleTopia landing Page
Create Corporate Website
Develop MaaS ( Metaverse as a Service) Model

1H 2022

Launch $DRAMZ Token
Create DEX pair BNB/DRAMZ on pancakeSwap for community to start earning crypto while playing our Casual mini games. When BubbleTopia is launched implement DRAMZ Token into gameplay.
Incentivize our EARLY ADOPTERS to start earning DRAMZ and building an active community.
Reward community members by offering a 20% BUSD returns for DRAMZ token holders.

2H 2022

Develop and Release SP RPG on IOS Apple Game Store

Create and Launch SP RPG BubbleTopia
If funding arrangements goes to plan BubbleTopia will be released end of 2022, an open world adventure SP RPG game. Journey across a vast and varied landscape on your quest to find the magic elixir Water of Life, to save all living life in BubbleTopia.

1H 2023

Preparation and Launch Governance Token $WOL 1h 2023
Prepare and plan to develop a DAO Governance token Water of life ($WOL) that will have the power to shape the future of BubbleTopia though community collaboration for game improvement proposals, design, and voting power for our planned 10 RPG game BubbleVerse.

Seed Funding requirements

To keep on schedule and release 2 RPGs Per year, our team will seek Seed funding for new staff game development hire, token and game development, marketing hires
Pre-planning and Design a MMO RPG #2 ( CyberTopia )
In the second Bubble players can hyperlink from BubbleTopia to Cybertopia though an in-built portal in the games and take their Avatar with them as they enter the second RPG game find clues that bosses are answering to a higher power and the search for what is causing the decay in the BubbleVerse, even though players will not learn anything useful yet, until they reach Bubble#3

2H 2023

Launch MMO RPG #2 (Cybertopia)

Preparation for MMO RPG Bubble #3 (StarTopia)

In the third bubble, players may be able to confront a boss and ask about water of life, although they will get no answers, just vague comments about darkness.
Preparation for the fourth bubble should be more obvious about the decay (one of the more challenging bubbles) and the bosses are more overt about serving a greater power. It is here that the players learn that the bosses know nothing about the connection of the darkness to the other bosses. Each one thinks that they are the only one.