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Innovation Development

Metaverse as a Service Concept

Metaverse as a System (MaaS) Dapps

When developing our upcoming RPGs, we offer creators the opportunity to mint their own NFT and place the image and link directly into the game play of our RPG games.
When a player clicks on the creators in Game NFT, it will take the player to the creators NFT located on our RPG BubbleVerse Marketplace, where a player can buy directly the creators NFT or purchase the creators service they are offering, using our secure payment services offered by Web3Create.
For this service Creators are required to make a small monthly payment, and all proceeds and sales related to that NFT or service is 100% attributed to the NFT Creator.
Our Platform does not require % of sales or take any other payment. Its free to create and mint NFTs and once approved Creators are only required to pay a monthly fee, if a creator would like to remove their NFT from the RPG then they can do so at any time, before the end of the month.
We have 2 type of payment plans, one for businesses and one for private freelancers or individuals
By providing a seamless payment system where game players can purchase NFTs from merchants or individuals while playing games we believe this is a unique and exciting opportunity to reach an audience which is directly related to the product our creators are providing

Go to Market strategy

B2C -Regarding users we will focus on expanding product launch of our RPGs on the APP store and IOS, along with SEO, targeted advertising and social media advertisement to bring awareness and community adoption.
B2B- (MaaS) Regarding Merchants and business adoption, develop a sales and marketing led GTM team based in Singapore generating awareness, leads, and sales for conversion into our MaaS subscription model
Revenue is four areas.
· Game assets and Microtransactions NFTs
· Maas Subscription Model
· E-Sports ticket and event sales
· Tokenomics

Competition and competitive advantage

Competitors are focusing on developing their systems for their own communities, and selling products controlled by their own teams.
We envisage creating a community where creators and businesses can participate in NFT sales together directly in games. Our Edge is to provide a Free to play, Free to Create NFT Marketplace connecting gamers with creators in RPGs and the BubbleVerse.
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