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We are a rapidly growing multinational organization, dedicated to bringing in the best and most promising professionals. With initial seed raising we will be able to fine tune our workforce the same way we are fine-tuning our games.
With attention to detail, balanced by an unwavering gaze at the big picture. We have introduced XP points in game apps so that early adopters can start to collect DRAMZ and become incentivized to help us be the number rated mobile RPG NFT our there.

Wayne A — Founder

Wayne is a proven serial entrepreneur. creating and selling community and membership websites with a focus on community building, Wayne was exposed to Bitcoin and Ethereum early on.
His enthusiasm, for creating websites and communities led him to the creation of the idea, how to encourage the growth of crypto currencies using simple and easy to understand mobile games.
So the idea of BubbleTopia was born to create an easy to play mobile game where anyone wishing to get involved with crypto can simply pick up a mobile phone, create an account and start collecting tokens straight away.

Ed C — Chief World Builder

Creative consultant and world-builder -- Ed is a long-time gamer with a love of game system creation. He has experience with over twenty different classic pen-and-paper RPGs and plays a few online RPGs in his spare time.
Strategy board games, such as those produced by Avalon Hill and FASA back in the 80s have also allowed him to hone his skills with mathematics and probability.
He started role playing back in 1983 at age 13 and by age 20 already had a few years of experience tweaking existing systems. Since then, he has contributed content to three game worlds for classic role playing and brings those skills to bear for BubbleTopia.

Steven L - Director

Technology and IT specialist with over 20 years experience in digital areas, from mobile payments to websites and development

Ching Hong P: CFO

25 years Accounting and Finance. Holds a Masters Degree. Working with British, US, Japanese and Multinational Companies

Prof. Dr. Alvin Chan: Advisor

An Yvon Pfeifer Professor of Artificial Intelligence & Emerging Technologies at Cambridge Corporate University, Switzerland. His interests are in the area of Emerging Technologies such as Cryptocurrency, NFTs and zero code AI Development.
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